Cunard Ships Reunite with Red Arrows

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The Cunard Queens, consisting of Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, all reunited as they sailed together from Southampton accompanied by the iconic Red Arrows.

This amazing spectacle took place on 10th August and the highlight for guests was to see The Royal Air Force Aerobics Team (Red Arrows) take to the skies above the Cunard ships and perform their renowned flying formation. This is the first ever time that the Red Arrows flying display has happened whilst guests have been onboard the Cunard ships.

For guests onboard the ships, there was a nice added touch of there being commentary whilst the jets were performing above them.Cunard Ships

There was also a special send off for the Cunard ships in Southampton, as the Royal Yacht Squadron paid a special tribute to this occasion by making sure the ships departed Southampton in style.

Cunard continued the celebrations by hosting a competition that saw five children win a chance to visit the three Queens and be involved in a “Captain of the Day” experience. In order to be selected for this, the children had to tell Cunard why they felt that they should be a “Captain for the Day” and the best entries won the competition.

Overall it was an extraordinary event which will be remembered for years to come.

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