New Verandah Menu Debuts on Queen Mary 2

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There will be an exciting new menu at The Verandah Restaurant on RMS Queen Mary 2. This menu is currently available until the 7th September 2018 for lunch and dinner.

The new menu is called “Steakhouse at The Verandah” and it will incorporate a specific range of cuisine focused on food from both sides of the Atlantic. Guests will have the opportunity to choose from Prime USDA grain finished New York Strip Steak, Alaskan king crab and Maine lobster. There will be British dishes such as Scotch grass fed dry aged beef and Salt Marsh lamb rack. Additionally, the renowned Wagyu Beef from Australia will also feature on the menu.

There are delicious entrees on the menu too, including London Cure gin & tonic salmon and tea smoked duck. Not only this, but there are also delicious desserts such as melting toffee and peanut butter brownie sundae, and bourbon baba with Florida orange marmalade. In terms of drinks, there will be a new selection of cocktails and beers to choose from at The Verandah bar.

The new Steakhouse menu is priced at $39 per person for dinner, whilst the lunch menu is priced at $25 per person.

Steakhouse at The Verandah is available for a limited time only and it is recommended that you make an early reservation for it. You can book dinner reservations online by accessing the voyage personaliser, or if you would rather wait then you can reserve tables when you are on board the ship.

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