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zebraAfrican cruises offer a huge variety of experiences that are rich in diversity, culture and nature. From city life to wild life, there is something to captivate and entertain every traveller.

Take the cruises which begin in Australia or New Zealand, for example. You'll begin by sailing the southern Indian Ocean to the eastern coast of South Africa, arriving at Port Louis before taking in Durban and Cape Town. Visiting both south and western Africa, the cruises traverse the southern cape and head north, with stops at countries such as Namibia, Ghana, and Benin before arriving in Europe, or heading off across the Atlantic to the Americas.

Or there are the cruises that hug the western African coast, visiting the delights and colours of Sao Tome, the Ivory Coast and Senegal, before heading out over the Atlantic to the Caribbean and then north to Miami.

There are breathtaking sights at every turn, from the grandeur of Table Mountain to South Africa's wildlife parks and vineyards, and the fabulous coastline northwards. There are visits to ex-colonial cities and ports with rich histories, to the opportunity for spotting migrating whales whilst sailing to Walvis Bay in Namibia, for example.

table mountain En route, you can immerse yourself in the luxury of your surroundings. Whether you travel in one of the more intimate ships such as the Silver Explorer to visit locations off the beaten path for a taste of something unexpected, right up to the majesty of the RMS Queen Mary 2, which revisits the golden age of sea travel, you will be pampered in a style that you will soon believe you have always been entitled to enjoy.

In all, we offer a choice of over 50 cruises that begin or end in Africa, taking in everywhere from the Antipodes to the Caribbean for a richness of life that simply cannot be rivalled.

Whichever part of Africa you want to visit, whichever cruise line you wish to travel with, there is a Sovereign cruise that offers you stunning discoveries every step of the way.

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