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Where many cruises will dazzle you with exotic cultures and tantalise your taste buds with unique cuisine, an Alaska cruise will open your eyes to the breathtaking wonders of the natural world. Instead of long, lazy beaches, there are stunning glaciers, eye-popping mountains, fjords and forests and, if your timing is right with Mother Nature on your side, wondrous displays of nature at its most magnificent.

As you glide through the deep northern waters, you might spot a hump back whale slapping the water with its tail as it migrates between feeding and mating grounds; a bear fishing in the forests or on the shores; a sea eagle soaring along the coast in search of prey; and seals or dolphins cheekily following the boats.

Whether on board or onshore, you can enjoy a refreshingly original experience as you learn about the traditions and tales passed down through the centuries in the towns and cities of this beautiful landscape - major cities like Vancouver and Seattle, outlying townships like Skagway, or the salmon capital of the world, Ketchikan.

Your transport
Getting there will be courtesy of a variety of cruise lines, including Crystal, Oceania, Princess, Regent and Silversea.

Princess Cruises are highly experienced on the Alaska route, and know just how to treat you to the finest experiences. Princess offers a wide variation of Alaska cruises across six ships in their luxury fleet, so no doubt you will be spoilt for choice. Oceania offers a majestic liner with everything you could possibly wish for, including all-inclusive travel packages. And Silversea offers the Silver Shadow, with a style of travel that you would normally expect from a private yacht.

So whether you choose the magnificence of the glaciers, the entertainment highlights of Vancouver, the depths of the fjords or the variety of the coast, there is a Sovereign cruise that will take your breath away.

Destinations and itineraries include visits to -

  • Vancouver
  • Seattle
  • Glacier Bay
  • Tracy Arm fjord
  • The Sawyer glacier
  • Coastal Alaska
  • Hubbard Glacier
  • Juneau
  • College Fjord
  • Anchorage
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