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Travel along the majestic waterways of Europe, Russia, Asia or Africa onboard a luxury River Cruise. Start your days in the heart of the city and experience the city as the sun sets with overnight stays and evening sailings.

For centuries, rivers have been the life force of the countries which they flow. When you travel by river, you see the world in a completely new and unique way.

A river cruise is like lots of city breaks all rolled into one. Image one evening you‘re dining under the twinkling lights of Budapest’s Chain Bridge, the next, you're listening to a concert of classical music in Vienna.

Destinations to visit on a River Cruise:

The Danube: steeped in history, myth and jaw-dropping scenery, the Danube flows through ten European nations on it is 1,750 mile journey from the Black Forest to the Black Sea.

The Rhine: From the high Swiss Alps to the dikes of the Low Countries the majestic Rhine flows uninterrupted by time past sheer cliffs and fairy-tale castles, ancient princedoms and shining modern cities with a non-stop procession of cultural touchstones.

The Douro: The Portuguese “Rio Douro” loosely translates as River of Gold, and when you see the sun setting on the water, it does indeed gleam like a bar of gold through the dramatic landscape.

The Elbe: Is one of Europe‘s few rivers that still follows its natural course. From the Giant Mountains of the Czech Republic to the soaring rock formations in Germany’s Saxon Switzerland, the fiver flows serenely to the North Sea through some of Europe's most glorious cities and towns.

The Rhone: Along its 300-mile route, the river winds its way through a tapestry of idyllic French scenery. Rolling hills and ancient towns with Gallo-Roman ruins.

The Waterways of Russia: Golden-domed cathedrals. Ancient wooden churches. Gingerbread-style houses. Palaces beyond compare. There is no more rewarding way to explore Russia than along the waterways.

Africa‘s Chobe River: The Chobe River is undeniably one of Africa’s most beautiful rivers, supporting diversity and concentration of wildlife unparalleled anywhere else on the continent.

The Mekong River: The Mekong is known as “Nine Dragons River,” for the nine tributaries that help produce life-giving rice in villages throughout the Mekong Delta.

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