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Brooklyn Bridge, New YorkThe imaginations of generations of travellers throughout Europe have been stirred by just a few, simple words - “Having arrived in port, I took ship for the New World.”

Crossing the Atlantic to the United States, Canada or even Central and South America is a journey that's inspired millions down the ages. Today, however, it is undertaken in far greater comfort than those first, intrepid voyagers heading for what they hoped was a new beginning - for now, it is just the Queen Mary 2 which regularly undertakes the Atlantic Crossing.

However, the Queen Mary 2 isn‘t ’just' a cruise liner - she is, by some measure, the largest, most luxurious ship on the ocean today.

It allows you to make the passage between Southampton and New York in unmatchable comfort. You can either fly to New York and make your trip eastwards, or sail west and fly home. Either way, you will enjoy seven or eight nights (depending on the individual voyage itinerary) of truly glorious travel.

Couple on a Ship DeckNot for you the trials and travails of the packed, wooden transit ships, nor the helter-skelter rush of the legendary Blue Riband race - no, this is relaxed, unhurried and in timeless good taste. From the indulgent and spacious bedrooms to the delicious food, the facilities and amenities on this astonishing ship are breathtaking - it even has the world's only planetarium at sea.

There are classes, lectures and shows to fill your time, with sports from virtual reality golf to swimming pools. You can wile away the hours in the art gallery filled with masters such as Dali, Chagall and Picasso, or fill your evenings at the glittering black tie soirées and cabarets.

Crossing the Atlantic may be the most time-honoured way of making a cruise, but thanks to the Queen Mary 2, it is still one of the very best ways of travelling anywhere in the world.

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