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Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara knows that sometimes the best part of the day is the night. Azamara Club Cruises include late night or overnight stays in the majority of all its port visits. Revel in the lively night life of cultures all around the world. Whether your idea of a good time is an evening drink in an elegant restaurant, live musicians in a secluded jazz club or wandering the lit ramparts of an old city at night, Azamara caters for all. And if you don‘t want to leave the ship, they bring the entertainment to you. Often local dancers, musicians and performers are invited on board. If you’re looking for a lively and fun atmosphere, Azamara will provide.

And there‘s plenty to lure you back onto the ship after a wonderful night out. Azamara prides themselves on an intimate level of personal service, superb cuisine and outstanding amenities. Spend a day relaxing and revitalizing in the spa, check out our state of the art gym, or simply curl up with a good book out on deck and watch the world drift by. The smaller size of these ships encourages a community feel, where guests mingle easily and the staff know you by name. What’s more most of your daily needs are already included in the fare. There are no sneaky hidden costs.

Another advantage of the smaller ships is that they can explore places that their larger counterparts simply cannot reach, seeking out the wilder reaches of the world with even more to discover. Azamara wants you to make the very best of your time onshore and provides wonderful opportunities for exploration and relaxation. Have cookery lessons in Trapani, taste the best wine in the world in Bordeaux and soak up the history in the tiny villages surrounding Dubrovnik.

Great choice of entertainment

If you wanted to watch a show in the Cabaret Lounge or listen to some live music in the Looking Glass there were always options. If you do enjoy a quiet drink, with the chance to socialise with other guests on board, the bar staff welcome you to join them at one of the beautiful bar areas and they will mix your favourite cocktails and experiment with the drinks you most enjoy.

Fantastic tours

You will enjoy the trips in a small group and the tour guides are local to the area: they are able to give you a real insight into the destination. I found we were enjoying the excursions when no other tour groups were around, enabling us to really appreciate the views and the sights at our own pace without crowds of people. Azamara really do have their timings to perfection, where the excursions are concerned.

Whichever itinerary that appeals to you, the luxury cruise experts at The Sovereign Cruise Club are only a telephone call away and will be pleased to to book your luxury cruise for you at the guaranteed best fare. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of luxury cruising…

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