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Silversea Expeditions Cruise Ships

There is something uniquely satisfying about a smaller ship. The intimacy. The friendly camaraderie. The excitement of exploring secluded harbours where others cannot go. Our intimate, ultra-luxury ships can sail up narrow waterways into the heart of a city, or tie up right at the pier while others must anchor off shore.

And for those who yearn to explore the new and unknown, Silversea's three purpose-built expedition ships can transport you to the furthermost boundaries of the planet. Equally gratifying is the experience on board our prestigious ships. The spacious suites with butler service. The almost epic epicureanism of the cuisine. The warm hospitality and European cachet that attract guests from around the globe. Travel is the elixir of life at Silversea and every cruise is a voyage of discovery.

Come explore the possibilities on a Silversea cruise.