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Tradewind Voyages

Introducing Tradewind Voyages

Their philosophy is simple but unique; they will follow the sun, using the winds and the currents, to take passengers to magical beaches and port destinations in the luxury of a classic but contemporary ship. The starting point of the itinerary planning is to look at what the prevailing winds and currents are doing around the world over the course of the year. This way, their itineraries are truly led by nature in the same way that the ship is powered by nature. Tradewind are confident that this will resonate with their guests, as will their wide-open decks and remote sailing areas.

Each of their voyages takes guests to iconic destinations and unique parts of the world, including small bays and beaches in between port calls. Guests have the freedom to explore ashore or remain on board and use the ship as a wellbeing destination - taking advantage of the luxurious facilities and activities on offer.

Tradewind Voyages

The voyage planning starts with a review of the prevailing winds, currents and weather conditions in whichever region of the world the ship is located. From this they determine the general direction of travel, ensuring they follow the winds and currents for most of the time, in order to capitalise on the ship's excellent sailing credentials.

Tradewind then seek out the most iconic destinations and remote beaches and plot their course. Inevitably this process guides them round the world in a different way, frequently following the traditional tall ship routes made famous by the intrepid merchants of the past.
Their routes are governed by where in the world we are, embracing three distinct categories:

Hidden Beaches
Voyages will take guests to some of the most beautiful and undiscovered islands in the world. They include beach days and surprise stops where they lower the marina platform, giving guests the chance to make use of snorkels, sailing dinghies, kayaks, water skis and more.

Cultural Immersion
Whether you wish to experience the sights of Colombo, Mumbai and Brunei or visit the temples of Porbandar, they take pride in delighting their guests with a shore excursion programme that will ensure full immersion in each destination.

Tall Ship Sailing
Some of the voyages will involve longer days at sea, bringing the magic of tall ship sailing to life. Tradewind actively encourage guests to take the ship's wheel and to experience the awesome sensation of helming the ship under full sail.

British Isles, Ireland & Northern Europe Voyages

As an island steeped in seafaring heritage, what better departure point is there to experience a ship like Golden Horizon for the first time than the UK From May to August 2021, they will be offering nine individually tailored voyages, seven departing from Harwich and two from Glasgow, each marrying the romance, drama and history of the elegant tall ships with dramatic Northern European coastlines and culturally rich destinations.

Tradewind introduce Golden Horizon through an inaugural season of voyages, discovering the British Isles and Ireland. Breaking the circumnavigation, their first taste of Northern waters takes us around Iceland. Later they make a spectacular 21-night voyage to discover the midnight sun at the North Cape, visiting numerous remote communities, nestled in the Norwegian Fjords. And now into the Baltics, they head to St. Petersburg for a two-day visit before meeting up with the tall ship race in Tallinn. Amongst their many visits, an overnight stay in Stockholm and the beautiful cities of Helsinki and Gothenburg provide a dramatic backdrop for our majestic ship.

A real highlight of their introductory season is our British Maritime voyage, which sees Golden Horizon taking pride of place at anchor off Cowes for the Regatta fireworks display. This voyage takes guests to traditional maritime communities along the south coast, the Scilly Islands and the Channel Islands.

Two further and very individual Fjord adventures, will give guests a choice of either exploring remote fishing villages or to take part in a marina and water sports focused week. Tradewind culminate the Northern European season with a voyage aptly titled Beautiful Demark; Golden Horizon then follows the coastlines of France, Spain and Portugal entering the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar en-route to Dubrovnik.

From September 2021 their voyages will take them to the other side of the world, allowing them to focus on their philosophy of using the wind and the currents to take guests on unforgettable voyages. Golden Horizon starts this adventure by taking passage East through the Suez Canal, following the ancient and exotic Maritime Silk Route.

The Maritime Silk Route

True to their philosophy of using the wind and the currents to follow the sun, it became inevitable that nature would lead them to follow the Maritime Silk Route. The journey goes back to the period between the 2nd century BC and 15th Century AD. The Maritime Silk Route combines voyages to iconic destinations, remote islands, and beaches.

Dubrovnik to Sharm El Sheik
Setting sail from Croatia, you will experience the Greek island delights of Kefalonia and Crete whilst they make their way to Alexandria. The voyage takes them through the wonder of the Suez Canal before arriving in the Red Sea to explore Sharm El Sheikh.

Sharm El Sheikh to Muscat
Experience the sights and sounds of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Oman while sailing through the Gulf of Aden.

Muscat to Goa
An Arabian Sea adventure that follows the west coast of India, discovering the many delights of Porbandar, Mumbai and Ratnagiri, en-route to Goa.

Goa to Colombo
Continuing down the West Coast of India, they capture the finest stretches of Goa and Kerala‘s undulating yellow beaches before navigating the Laccadive Sea to Colombo, Sri Lanka’s vibrant capital city.

Colombo to Singapore
After exploring the Bay of Bengal, they take passage to the Andaman Islands and then experience Thailand's beautiful islands, finally arriving in Singapore, a city where nature and urban beauty intertwine.

Singapore to Jakarta
As they leave the bustle of Singapore travelling west of Borneo, they visit Benua, one of the main islands in the archipelago. En-route to Jakarta they visit four idyllic islands with their last stop at Penyabong Beach, Belitung; a serene location with stunning white sands and rock formations.

Jakarta to Bali
Departing the cultural melting pot of Jakarta, they set sail in the Java Sea. One of their stops is the naturally beautiful Sowan Beach, which gives guests time to slow down before arriving in the thriving Surabaya. They then make our way to Bali, taking in carefully-selected island stops.

Australia Circumnavigation

Their circumnavigation of Australia begins in December 2021. Celebrate Christmas at the Great Barrier Reef and see in the new year whist watching fireworks off the Gold Coast.

Their Australian voyages offer guests the opportunity to visit iconic ports such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and to experience the hidden gems of the Whitsunday Islands and Tasmania. The amazing wine regions and wildlife of WA are certain to be highlights of the adventure.

Indian Ocean

The winds in the Indian Ocean follow a clockwise rotation and the East to West route from Bali to Mauritius will offer spectacular Tradewind sailing of exactly the sort the later Square-Rigged ships were built for. Voyages from Mauritius take them North via Madagascar and West Africa. The more gentle Westerly winds then take them between the Seychelles and the Maldives and on to Sri-Lanka and Singapore. All along this ocean circumnavigation, guest will have the opportunity to explore rarely visited beaches and coves.

Whichever itinerary that appeals to you, the luxury cruise experts at The Sovereign Cruise Club are only a telephone call away and will be pleased to to book your luxury cruise for you at the guaranteed best fare. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of luxury cruising…

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