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Silver Nova

Presenting the new Silver Nova & Silver Ray

“Floating glass palaces full of tranquillity and opulence. There is no finer ultra-luxury resort on land or at sea from which to view and explore the natural beauty of our world.” - Stefan Shillito, Managing Director of Sovereign, who has 30 years of experience in ultra-luxury travel and who recently travelled on board Silver Nova's Maiden Voyage.

Imagine there was nothing standing between you and the wonders you see. Imagine a ship made almost entirely of glass, one that disappears from the view to make space and time for all other views.

That ship is Silver Nova, the first in its class, designed to take centre stage only when you want to enjoy its ultra-luxury services and then leave the scene to the beauty of her destinations. With the Nova class, travelling feels new again.

A First Look inside Silver Nova

Silversea's new ship Silver Nova departed on her maiden voyage on August 14, introducing a new era in ultra-luxury cruise travel, with an unparalleled openness to the world.

Here, Barbara Muckermann, Silversea‘s President, hosts a full tour of the new ship’s spacious suites, restaurants, public venues, and open decks.

An Evolution of Comfort

Silver Nova‘s suites whisper unrivalled luxury at sea. Fusing outstanding craftsmanship with luxurious soft furnishings and cutting-edge design, Silver Nova offers the widest collections of suites yet. Thirteen categories, including all-new aft options, highlight our hallmark Italian heritage and guarantee exceptional choice and comfort at sea. What’s more, Silver Nova‘s forward-thinking suite design ensures you make the most of the coast. Every suite enjoys floor-to-ceiling windows with a private glass balustrade balcony, offering an openness to your destination, whether you’re at the tip or toe of the world. Isn't it time you sailed away in Silver Nova comfort?

This is more than a journey. This is a new travel attitude

Silver Nova goes above and beyond traditional destination immersion. Long stays in port and overnights mean you can experience the very best of the local life, while port-intensive itineraries make sure you are absorbed in the traditions, cuisine, history and culture of the destination visited. And why not embrace your voyage even further with our fantastic shore excursions that offer far more on shore. A cruise with Silver Nova offers far more that just iconic, ultra-luxury. A trip with Silver Nova will make a traveller out of a tourist.


The ship is a leap forward in Silversea's commitment to sustainable design and their journey to reduce our environmental footprint. Not only will she feature a mix of advanced technologies, but she will be the first hybrid, luxury cruise ship free of emissions while in port - an industry first. Silver Nova is far more than our newest ship; she is a Nova way of travel.


Atlantide offers guests our quintessential dining experience. Combining contemporary elegance and hallmark Silversea service, this classic restaurant offers our signature fine dining. Atlantide is one of our best-loved eateries, and on Silver Nova we have given it an updated design. Large picture windows, sophisticated lighting design, plus a warm colour spectrum give Atlantide a blend of high-end and whispered luxury. The menu prides itself on superb ingredients and sublime flavour combinations, from caviar to lobster to gorgeous, melt in the mouth deserts.


Images are intended as a general reference. Features, materials, finishes and layout may be different than shown.

S.A.L.T. Kitchen
Are you hungry for something new? Eat your way through the places on your cruise in the S.A.L.T. Kitchen. Enjoy destination-inspired menus, including the Terrain menu, which offers recipes and flavours specific to the port visited, and the Voyage menu, which draws inspiration from the best flavours of the voyage. Pull up a chair and savour every taste of your cruise in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. S.A.L.T. Kitchen is the opportunity for all guests aboard Silver Nova to experience the very lifeblood of their destination.


Images are intended as a general reference. Features, materials, finishes and layout may be different than shown.

La Terrazza
Our hallmark Italian restaurant is as varied as the food-loving country itself. La Terrazza aboard Silver Nova offers an unparalleled destination dining experience, from its expansive floor-to-ceiling windows to its large, outdoor terrace. Enjoy all the tastes of the different regions, including the best homemade pasta, fresh antipasto, bowls of steaming risotto, hearty ragu and delicious tiramisu. Be sure to try one of the bold wines from the cellar, to wash it all down.


Images are intended as a general reference. Features, materials, finishes and layout may be different than shown.

La Dame
France's haute cuisine is not world-famous for nothing! La Dame is a classy, contemporary, fine dining restaurant that is more beautiful and luxurious than ever. Enjoy polished French-inspired menus with deep, balanced flavours topped off by one of the best wine lists at sea, for a luxury dining experience extraordinaire! Signature Lalique crystal decor including the iconic Masque de Femme panels plus a stunning Hirondelles crystal chandelier bathe you in sophisticated, elegant décor.


Images are intended as a general reference. Features, materials, finishes and layout may be different than shown.

If you think Japanese food is only raw fish then think again. Certainly, we serve excellent sushi, but Kaiseki has so much more to offer. Watch the skilled chefs at work around the central teppanyaki table, soothed by the minimalist, authentic Japanese décor and calming ambience. The cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun might be the speciality, but if you are craving Asian flavours then Kaiseki aboard Silver Nova extends its menu to include other Asian specialties such as Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Korean and Chinese.


Images are intended as a general reference. Features, materials, finishes and layout may be different than shown.

Silver Note
Where do you go if you want great food and a brilliant atmosphere in a relaxed and sophisticated setting? Silver Note of course! Harkening back to the old school days of dinner and dancing, this venue embodies a feeling of fun and sense of glamour that is unequalled in the industry. Jazz bands and soul singers play live as you sample delicate tapas style dishes with a gourmet twist. We guarantee a superlative night of entertainment in the gorgeously designed dinner venue.

The Grill
Silversea's much-loved casual dining restaurants serves a delectable range of burgers and salads by day, and turns into our famous Hot Rocks table BBQ concept by night. Found in our brand new eating venue The Marquee, The Grill is quite simply, the best place to eat between sea and sky. If you like flavoursome meals cooked to perfection, a casual laid back atmosphere and OMG views, then The Grill is the answer to your prayers.

Nothing says Italy quite as well as a hot, fresh pizza. Spaccanapoli is a slice of Naples, where you‘ll taste deliciously thin, freshly made pizzas, topped with creamy mozzarella and minimalist toppings. The light and airy pizzeria forms part of our new al-fresco eatery The Marquee, and is the perfect choice for diners who want to be dazzled by our talented pizzaiolos spinning the dough in the open-air kitchen. Whether you want a light lunch or to share a slice with friends over an aperitivo, it’s always the right time for Spaccanapoli.


Images are intended as a general reference. Features, materials, finishes and layout may be different than shown.

In addition to eight restaurants, Silver Nova will host up to 70 guests in the vibrant Arts Café—a welcoming space in which to enjoy snacks and refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere.

Silver Nova Public Spaces

The Marquee
The Marquee incorporates both The Grill and Spaccanapoli—two of Silversea‘s existing signature venues, which offer guests our trademark ’hot rocks' culinary concept as well as what are surely the best pizzas at sea.


The Pool Deck
Enjoy a reimagined space where you can relax, refresh and rejuvenate on decks 10 and 11. Ample sunbeds for everyone, more space than ever before and the largest pool in the fleet.

The Dusk Bar


With an emphasis on the destination, panoramic views connects you with the world beyond on The Dusk Bar. This superb open-air sky bar provides plenty of space for guests to enjoy a pre or post dinner drink.

Arts Café
The Arts Café offers a cultural setting for eating, drinking and socialising, as well as a chance to lose yourself while reading up on all your favourite artists and art.

S.A.L.T. Bar
Nothing says travelling deeper better than Silver Nova's S.A.L.T. bar. Get a taste for the authentic and settle down to enjoy locally-inspired cocktails and drinks.

S.A.L.T. Lab
Welcome to the S.A.L.T. Lab, an interactive space where guests can deep-dive into local culinary techniques through workshops, lectures and cooking demonstrations.


The Shelter
Strategically located on deck three, The Shelter is our newest pre and post dinner cocktail venue.

Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita is the gathering place for our savvy travellers of the world, a place where guests mingle and exchange stories and where new faces become lifelong friends.


Panorama Lounge
A peaceful retreat that is the perfect place to break away to, a social place to meet and greet old friends, or an evening venue to partake in a cocktail as you sit back and watch the world go by.

Conoisseur's Corner
Rich and luxurious, yet airy and spacious, this indoor/outdoor venue is where you sip the finest cognac or whisky from a prestigious range and revel in the tranquil murmur of after-dinner conversation.


Observation Lounge
The Observation Library boasts exceptional views overlooking the ocean as it stretches out below you while you enjoy your cruise.

The Venetian Lounge
Welcome to Venetian Lounge, a place where the arts of theatre and music meet with full-scale productions and feature films.

Located on deck 4, the Atrium is the beating heart of Silver Nova.

Otium Spa
Finding relaxation is one the of the principle aims of taking a cruise, so why not join us in the Otium Beauty Spa for guaranteed indulgence?