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Asia Cruises

Asia is one of the most diverse, enlightening and fascinating continents. Thousands of islands with every type of landscape, from tropical lush jungles, to volcanic rocks and mountains, are utterly different to ours, while their people, cities and customs are equally individual yet often remarkably similar to ours at the same time.


The sights and sounds alone are worth the trip. The architecture and scenery are fascinatingly varied and colourful. The cuisine is almost infinitely varied, with even something as seemingly simple as sushi offering unique tastes and experiences, and the customs, dress and styles change almost from one street to the next.

There is so much to see and experience that it is impossible to cram it all into a single trip. You can enjoy a whole series of cruises dedicated to showcasing the remarkable islands and cities of Japan. Others will take you from Singapore to Thailand and Vietnam, or around the islands of the north antipodes, or hug the southern, tropical coasts of India, relaxing in the lush tropical weather.


Each one offers a riot of colour and visual splendour that will enchant and delight at every turn. Wherever you choose to travel around this most intriguing, interesting and inspiring region you will leave with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

One of our favourite places in Asia is Halong Bay. Just off the coast of Vietnam, a myriad of karstic Islands are clustered in this picturesque setting. Looming out of the sea, undercut by erosions into fantastic shapes, they reminded the Vietnamese of the looping back of a swimming dragon. Scattered among them, whole communities of fishing families live most of their lives on sampans, trading among themselves and periodically going into nearby towns such as Haiphong to sell their catch and to buy supplies.


Another Sovereign favourite is Myanmar‘s capital, it is a visual and cultural gem. One of Asia’s most exotic and fascinating cities, it‘s picturesque attractions include Sule pagoda and an immense Reclining Buddha, crowned five a gilded, jewel encrusted stupa of Schwedagon pagoda. Those interested may wish to join a professional photographer on a special interest tour, or visit a nearby Artisan village. The former Burma’s rich heritage Includes numerous tentative entries to the UNESCO World Heritage List and justifies a multiple-night stay, allowing optional visits to the ancient Mon capital of Bago or an overnight to the breathtaking array of 2000 pagodas and temples at Began or the UNESCO World Heritage Kuthodaw Pagoda in storied Mandalay.

Your Luxury Asia Cruise Choices

The choice of luxury cruises to Asia has significantly grown over the last decade and at Sovereign Cruises it is one of our most popular destinations. If you are considering your first Asian luxury cruise we would suggest a 14 night itinerary from Singapore to Hong Kong, or vice versa, calling into Bangkok and various ports in Vietnam. Our favourite ports on this itinerary include charming but hectic Ho Chi Minh City and the atmospheric Ha Long Bay.

Other popular itineraries include Japan cruises roundtrip Tokyo for 10 to 14 nights and 14 night itineraries calling in to Indonesia and The Philippines. The most popular locations to visit on a luxury Asia cruise include Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bali, Penang, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Hokkaido, Kobe, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Luxury cruises to this region can also be taken as part of a repositioning cruise to Dubai or on to Europe. In addition, many ships on world cruises visit Asia, providing an even wider choice. The duration of these cruises varies from 14 nights to over 60 nights and often some cruise lines will often do a port intensive, Asian focused world cruise, with many overnight stays in port and late departures.


We are fortunate to have travelled extensively in Asia and over many years have grown our insider knowledge of this most eclectic of regions. Please contact us and it will be our pleasure to advise you on the very best luxury cruise options in Asia at the guaranteed best prices.