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Price Guarantee

We have done a lot of market research and are confident that our fares are the best fares available anywhere. However, in the unlikely event that you get a better offer in writing from another ABTA travel agent prior to booking, it is in your interest to contact us, as we will not just match it, we will beat it. As far as we are aware, only Sovereign offers this kind of guarantee.

This guarantee applies to all round-trip UK cruises or any fly/ cruise package where all elements of the fly/ cruise package are provided by the cruise line and not independently packed by an agent, as these are often not of the same high standard and are not always adequately financially protected. We will require a copy of the other agents written quotation and our guarantee does not apply if the cruise line or travel agents fare is based on a fare that is not current and no longer valid. Some cruise lines have websites that show a lower fare that increases once all of the booking details have been added. We do not price match against the initial, no longer valid, fare that shows on the front screen, we beat the fare that is shown on the final payment screen. Our Price Guarantee does not apply when another agent or a cruise line is making a loss on a booking either intentionally or in error, or in the case Regent Seven Seas Cruises, if an agent has rebated above the acceptable level provided by RSSC.

We are fully ABTA bonded under ABTA number L4182 and in the case of a fly/cruise your cruise is also protected by the cruise line's ATOL bond.

We are the largest agent for Seabourn and a top agent for all the other luxury cruise lines that we sell, meaning that only Sovereign guarantees the very lowest fares and expert advice on every luxury cruise. It is in your best interest to contact us if you would like to book a luxury voyage as we provide a wide range of cruises to choose from that visit breathtaking destinations across the world.

Please note that all cruise line prices now operate on a “fluid” basis meaning that prices can go up and benefits may reduce on a daily basis, until you are in a position to make your reservation. Please note that all bookings are subject to the cruise lines terms and conditions as per their most recent brochure that features your chosen sailing.