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World Cruise And World Cruise Sectors

World cruises and world cruise sectors are the epitome of what Sovereign believes should be the feature of every truly luxurious voyage - long journeys visiting exotic locations, traversing the globe in unparalleled luxury, pampered by unrivalled personal service.

A world cruise is a must for anyone who has an insatiable wanderlust for travel. After all, 70% of our precious planet is covered by the oceans, so can we truly say that we have seen the world unless we have crossed it by sea to its far-flung corners, untouched atolls and vibrant cities?


On a world cruise there is adventure and discovery to be had, alongside relaxation and wonder. Be pampered and entertained, wined and dined and enjoy special excursions to visit the famous locations in the interior of the countries that you are visiting. The choices are almost endless. If you wish to see the world, there is no more convenient, luxurious, relaxing, or better value way to see it than on board a luxury world cruise reserved for you by The Sovereign Cruise Club.


Your Luxury World Cruise Options

Virtually every luxury cruise line offers a world cruise, from just a few months to over six months, giving you the chance to witness, discover and experience more than you ever thought possible in a single journey that matches both the length of time that you wish to travel for and your budget. In the last decade, the choice of world cruises has grown exponentially. No longer are they the preserve of just a handful of ships leaving either Southampton or New York in January that would operate on a complete circumnavigation of the world, either westbound or eastbound.


These days, luxury world cruises depart from many ports across the globe. Whilst Southampton and New York remain extremely popular embarkation ports, Miami, Los Angeles and Sydney are now also convenient places for many to board a luxury cruise ship for the voyage of a lifetime.

Traditionally, full world cruises departed from the northern hemisphere in January each year and returned to the same port in April. These cruises are still incredibly popular. After all which of us would not wish to leave the worst of a bitter northern hemisphere winter behind us to sail off to exotic and warmer climes and return home just as spring arrives? But these days, full world cruises can also commence in the middle of each year and some that operate roundtrip from the southern hemisphere depart late in the year.


For added convenience, a wider duration of world cruises is now also available. For many decades, a full world cruise took approximately 120 nights. But the luxury cruise lines now recognise that many of us lead very busy lives and cannot always be away from home for that length of time. Therefore, some world cruises now take under 90 nights and at the opposite end of the scale some luxury cruise lines offer slow and very leisurely world cruises, with many more overnights in port and these slower world cruises can take up to 180 nights.


World cruise sectors have also grown in popularity over the last few years and these present the opportunity to experience part of a world cruise for anything from five nights up to 120 nights or more. One of the main reasons for the growth in the popularity of these cruises is the above-mentioned lack of time that many of us have these days, including those fortunate enough to be enjoying the delights of full or semi-retirement. Many of our clients in this position find it convenient to enjoy a world cruise over three years, by dividing a full world cruise into three different sectors. This also has the added benefit of avoiding much of the northern hemisphere winter for three consecutive years. Doesn't that sound rather wonderful?


Sectors of world cruises are also the only way to visit family and friends in far flung parts of the world such as Australia without needing to fly. On some cruise lines, such as Cunard, one has the opportunity to board in Southampton, disembark the ship in Sydney, Freemantle or Melbourne, visit family or friends for a few weeks and then board your beautiful Cunard Queen for the return journey home, visiting different exciting and exotic ports to those enjoyed on the outbound cruise.


Whether one chooses a full 180 night leisurely full world cruise, or a short 5-night sector, you will want for nothing and miss even less, with every luxury provided, often inclusive in the price. The general rule with luxury world cruises is that the longer one sails the lower the price per night and on full world cruises fantastic benefits such as large complimentary on board spends, complementary gifts and exclusive world cruise parties are included - please call us for the full details.

Our wonderful expert team is always on hand for helpful and friendly advice on the best luxury world cruise or luxury world cruise sector options for you and as always these are at the guaranteed best fares. We think that you will be amazed by what splendid value a luxury world cruise reserved for you by The Sovereign Cruise Club represents. We shall look forward to hearing from you.