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Why Silversea?

Beauty is everywhere. But those who explore their world with Silversea are not attracted by mainstream interpretations. Their curiosity drives them to seek the extraordinary. They feel the urge to go beyond - and to come back changed, enriched with memories and new understanding. That is why Silversea is here. Because the world is a beautiful mystery. And for curious travellers, there is always more to discover.

Our Opinion of Silversea

The team at Sovereign have been travelling with Silversea since 1996 and we have thoroughly enjoyed every cruise that we have experienced on this leader in luxury travel. Our Managing Director, Stefan Shillito, sums up his many Silversea cruises as follows “There are too many reasons to state here why I love Silversea, but the intimate size of their ships, the breath of itineraries provided and the stylish and gracious highly attentive personal service are three hallmarks of Silversea that really stand out.”


Silversea's Opinion of Sovereign

We have a very close working relationship with Silversea and Peter Shanks, Silversea's Managing Director UK, Ireland, Middle East and Africa recently kindly endorsed Sovereign as follows. “Silversea and Sovereign have enjoyed a strong partnership for many years. As experts in their field, the team at Sovereign excel both in their destination knowledge and in the pride that they take in looking after their customers. At Silversea we are all about the destination - and with over 1,000 to choose from across our fleet - Sovereign are perfectly placed to provide the very best recommendation as to the right cruise for you.”

The Silversea Experience

Silversea Cruises - Now More Inclusive Than Ever.

On all voyages from April 2022 onwards, Silversea Cruises will be including roundtrip flights and shore excursions on every cruise.
Included Shore Excursions Enjoy a wide variety of premium shore excursions from Silversea accredited partners. (one excursion in every port)
Included Flights Roundtrip flights will be included in the cruise fare. Business class upgrades will also be available to select destinations.
*Exceptions for included Shore Excursions: Silver Muse, included shore excursions applicable on departures from 19 May 2022 onward, and Silver Shadow applicable on departures from 24 May 2022 onward.

The Silversea experience can best be summed up by Manfredi Lefebvre D‘Ovidio, the Executive Chairman of Silversea Cruises and son of the company’s founder, “To travel and wonder, search and discover, is a deep human need. Let your curiosity take the helm. Fellow travellers, you and I have much in common: we share an insatiable passion for discovery. The illimitable beauty of this world is our motivation and a sense of enrichment is our reward. We find inspiration in unique experiences and joy in rare interactions. And now more than ever, memorable moments are the currency of our happiness.”


Travel Deeper - They exist to unlock deeper travel experiences - allowing our guests to become immersed in the authentic beauty of their destinations. Their voyages hold a wealth of rare, personalised and unforgettable opportunities to see your world as never before.

Intimate Small Ships - Their ships are designed to give space to fewer, select travellers. Big on creature comforts and luxuries. Small enough to be personal and convivial - their ships range in size from 50 to 304 suites to ensure you find your perfect home from home.

Over 1000 Destinations - Awarded many times over, they believe their itineraries are the best in the world. And when we say the world, we mean it. This year their guests will visit every continent and a huge range of destinations - from iconic world cities to remote islands, from the tropical equator to the polar extremes.

Superior Service - With nearly one member of staff for every guest, and a butler serving every suite, their service is legendary. Your devoted, discreet and experienced Silversea onboard team take pride in playing a key role in your complete enjoyment of your journey.

Enriching Cuisine - Their gourmet excellence will always be a jewel in our crown. Their newest ships also offer destination-focused restaurants, bars and hands-on experiences - allowing you to enrich your travels with deep-dives into local culinary flavours, heritage and techniques.

Latest Silversea Offers

The very experienced team at Sovereign very much look forward to sharing their personal experiences with you of the many fantastic Silversea cruises that we have enjoyed over the last 24 years. Not only do we have an exceptional level of personal experience of this incredible luxury brand, but also we promise you to find the perfect Silversea cruise for you and at the guaranteed best price. We cannot wait to assist you with your Silversea luxury cruise plans, why not call us today?


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