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A Myriad of Destinations

The Oceans Are Calling...

Did you know that 70% of our incredible world is covered by our beautiful oceans?

To be a truly global traveller one has to take to these oceans to discover the rich cultures and fascinating biodiversity of the many countries and locations that are best accessed by sea. Whichever location you wish to experience next, from the islands of Japan to the Galapagos, a luxury cruise arranged by The Sovereign Cruise Club is the very finest way to discover the incredible splendours of the nature wonders of our world.

Regardless of if you decide to begin at home, where you can discover more about the British coast than you thought possible, or reach for the furthest corners of the world, whatever you choose to seek out, The Sovereign Cruise Club will find luxury cruises to delight, amaze and astound you in countless places around the globe.

We look forward to assisting you with your luxury cruise plans...


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