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SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club - Can Life at Sea Get Really Any Better Than This?

SeaDream Caviar in the Surf

Are you ready for something totally different to what you have experienced before? Firstly, both SeaDream I and SeaDream II are luxury yachts, not luxury cruise ships and there is a huge difference. With just 56 couples hosted by a truly amazing family of 95 crew members. Just think about that. That is nearly one crew member per guest and this impressive service ratio is just the start, as these yachts are just one sixth of the size of most small luxury ships.

Sovereign's Opinion of SeaDream Yacht Club

We have been travelling on these lovely little yachts for over 20 years and it is our favourite small ship luxury experience. From the wonderful service, the relaxed atmosphere, crew that are now like old friends to sumptuous cuisine enjoyed out on deck under the stars, SeaDream Yacht Club is beyond compare, the best of the best. You simple must try it, but a warning…it is addictive.

SeaDream Yacht Club's Opinion of The Sovereign Cruise Club

Who better than to describe Sovereign‘s relationship with SeaDream than Stefan’s friend, the Chairman and Founder of SeaDream Yacht Club, Atle Brynestad, “This is a tale of two ‘Clubs’. The Sovereign Cruise Club and SeaDream Yacht Club have been strong partners for many years. We consider Sovereign to be ‘true’ experts in our unique style of yachting and they are also well qualified leaders in luxury travel. At SeaDream we like to say, “it's yachting, not cruising” and we are proud of our multi award-winning experience onboard our twin mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II. It takes a specialist to understand fully how enriching yachting can be and how well it measures up against more traditional luxury cruising and Stefan and his team have a knowledge that is second-to-none. Born from personal experience of our product, the highest levels of service and now, this fantastic new website too! As two service-led companies, Sovereign and SeaDream have great synergy and we are very happy to have them as a top partner in the UK.

SeaDream Yacht Club - A Personal Perspective

At Sovereign we always want to be able to bring such experiences to life for you and our Managing Director, Stefan Shillito, was delighted when his friend, one of his personal hero's - and the Chairman and Founder of SeaDream - Atle Brynestad, invited him to board a SeaDream yacht once again to remind him what SeaDream was all about. We will leave Stefan to share his experience with you...

"Having been in the luxury cruise industry since 1993, I have lost count of the many ways that the luxury cruise lines will go to, to prove how their service, ship, cuisine or ambiance is the best. Do not get me wrong, it is a very dynamic business with an array of splendid new ships that put many of the finest of luxury hotels in the world to shame. Sorry, Belmond, Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental, none of my service experiences at your fabulous hotels have ever matched those that I have had on a top-notch luxury cruise ship. However, I had given up on finding a truly unique luxury experience at sea that would appeal to both myself and too many of our well-travelled and very discerning clients.


I had travelled on this ship before, when I worked for Seabourn and the ship was then known as Seabourn Goddess II. I had also sold many cruises on the ship in its first guise, as the much revered Cunard Sea Goddess II. In both previous lives it was a typical very small luxury cruise ship experience. So, I was unprepared for how SeaDream had completely changed the on-board experience to suit the refined but unfussy, relaxed style that the modern luxury traveller embraces.


The essence of understanding SeaDream is based upon knowing the difference between being fortunate enough to have a kind and well-heeled friend invite you to join them on their private yacht or you reserving a space on a small luxury cruise ship. There is a big difference.”

What Makes SeaDream Unique?

Stefan continues, “SeaDream is akin to a private yacht experience and is the closest one can get to it if one does not have one of the said well-heeled, kindly yacht owners among one's friends.


There is a superb gym, an excellent spa, a well-stocked library, a golf simulator and numerous bars and lounges with oceans of space for everyone. Champagne, fine wines, spirits and tipping are all included, along with cuisine and service that are second to none. SeaDream is just like being on a private yacht, it is a very casual experience, with service that is personally tailored to you.


Unlike a small luxury cruise ship there is no afternoon tea, no gala black-tie Captain's evenings and no formal entertainment. I did not miss any of that. I was too busy enjoying the complimentary water sports from the water sports platform - yes, some small luxury cruise ships have this facility, but they rarely deploy the platform, whereas SeaDream have the platform in use everywhere possible and they have my favourite - jet skis. I love jet skis, I am not the best at using them and I do fall off them a lot, but it does not stop me loving them. I am also a huge fan of the Balinese Beds - luxury double sun loungers that, if you wish, you can sleep out under the stars, in the warmth of a Caribbean or Mediterranean evening . The crew will make them up for you with fine bed linens and a hot chocolate if you wish. Another personal highlight was al fresco on deck dining every night that the weather permitted, which was just a tad glamorous when we were moored off of Saint Tropez, watching our fellow luxury yachts come and go.


I also love the complimentary mountain bikes. What a great way to explore a new place, or to see one you have been to before, but in a different way. Especially as I tend not to fall off those as often as I fall off jet skis. That is another bonus with SeaDream, the chances are that because the SeaDream yachts are so tiny they call in to the places that luxury cruise ships cannot or do not call into. In all my time in the luxury cruise business, I had never been to the French Riviera ports of Collioure, Sanary-sur-Mer or Pampelone Beach. SeaDream have unrivalled small port itineraries in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean.

But just because I love SeaDream, it does not mean that you will. If you like formality or formal entertainment or are not really an outdoor type, then it probably is not for you. A small luxury cruise ship would suit you better. Also, whilst the staterooms are well appointed and tastefully decorated, just like a private yacht, they do not have verandas, but I can honestly say that there is so much outdoor space that I did not miss one nor need one and I doubt most people would. Also, at 195 square feet they are large enough for a couple for up to 10 or 11 nights, but for any longer I would recommend a larger Commodore Suite, Admiral Suite or for that decadent celebration splash out on the wonderful Owner's Suite.”

Latest SeaDream Yacht Club Offers

Stefan has cruised on board SeaDream Yacht Club many times. Since this experience several of our team have also been on board these charming little yachts. It would be our great pleasure to reserve you a special luxury yacht holiday on SeaDream at the guaranteed best price, so why not give us a call?


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