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Windstar Cruises

Welcome to the casually elegant small ship world of Windstar Cruises. Leave the crowds behind on a luxury cruise ship carrying fewer than 300 privileged guests. No lines. No waiting. Just a warm and intimate ambience you won't find on larger cruise ships.

Sail right into the heart of Old World villages, hidden coves, and harbours off the beaten path - places only Windstar's small cruise ships are welcomed. Every itinerary is expertly crafted and artfully planned, visiting both boutique ports and bucket-list capitals. Share intimate moments away from the crowds. Immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine, and get behind-the-scenes experiences.

And of course, part of the Windstar magic is our incredible personal service. Enjoy undivided attention from a crew who delights in remembering your name and preferences. Both gracious hosts and ambassadors, they delight in surprising you in discrete ways - satisfying your sweet tooth with an extra chocolate on your pillow or sharing the location of a favourite seaside café. Welcome to Windstar Cruises - an experience that is truly 180 degrees from ordinary.

Private Yacht Experience

Imagine spending a week on a friend's private luxury yacht. Unlike the crowded cruise ships left in your wake, you are one of fewer than 300 guests on board. Your yacht is anchored in hidden harbours, docked in tiny ports, and in the heart of charming cities. While others wait for tenders in tedious lines, you swim and kayak off your own Watersports Platform. You step ashore into the centre of amazing city scenes to explore the secret charms of places larger ships simply cannot reach.

Each meal is a treat for your senses, prepared by a premier chef and served in intimate, impeccable style along with a superb collection of fine wines.

This is your private space — from the indulgent luxury of your own stateroom or suite to your favourite spot on deck.

Personalised Service

From the moment you step on board and they greet you by name to the moment they reluctantly bid you farewell, you are their first priority. Every moment of your Windstar experience is all about you.

The pampering begins the instant you or your travel professional asks a Windstar Vacation Planner to find the perfect match among their collection of voyages. It continues as they help plan and customise each aspect of your vacation.

When they at last welcome you on board, the fun really begins. Every time they see you smile. Every time they catch you by surprise by bringing you just the right thing at just the right time. Every time they see that look on your face that tells us this is like nothing you've ever done before. You make their day.

Always Complimentary

- All meals, in all venues
- Non-alcoholic beverages, including specialty tea and coffee drinks
- Beautifully appointed ocean view stateroom or suite
- Plush bathrobes and slippers
- Fresh flowers and fruit in your stateroom or suite
- Marble finished baths (power yachts only)
- Flat screen TV and DVD player
- Spectacular onboard deck barbecue
- Onboard entertainment, including local performances in most regions
- Fully equipped Watersports Platform, use of all water sports equipment included
- Access to the Open Bridge
- Champagne Welcome Reception
- Beautiful Sail Away from every port