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Emerald Cruises

Emerald Cruises brings their award-winning reputation and service to the world's oceans and coastlines, as they introduce their brand new, innovative super yacht, Emerald Azzurra. Custom-designed to allow unique access to the fascinating ports and harbours only small yachts can reach.


Reaching an impressive 110 metres in length, their new super yacht will exceed your yacht cruising expectations. And with an intimate 100 guests on board, there is an abundance of space throughout. Discover a new secluded spot to read a book, enjoy unimpeded views of the unspoilt landscapes, take a relaxing dip in the infinity-style pool, or arrange to meet fellow guests at one our their comfortable meeting spots.


Fine a la carte dining and sumptuous breakfast and lunch buffets in the serene setting of their spacious Reflections Restaurant, take inspiration from the Mediterranean path they‘re navigating. Expect fresh, locally sourced dinners, thoughtfully crafted by their expert chefs, with complimentary sommelier-paired wine, beer or soft drinks with lunch and dinner. And in the evening, once you’ve enjoyed you meal, you can head to the back of the restaurant to appreciate the ocean breeze from their large al-fresco terrace, before a nightcap in the plush, relaxed location of the Horizon Bar & Lounge.



Unwind completely in their on board Wellness Centre, where a selection of indulgent spa treatments including massages, facials and even a hairdressers. They've introduced a well-equipped gym for those who like to keep up with their fitness regime, as well as fitness guide who will hold a variety of classes to encourage you to stretch your legs and find your centre during your time on the water.


With a plethora of marine life inhabiting our vast oceans, you‘ll have the opportunity to make use of their special marina platform, where you can board a zodiac for expert-led excursions, venturing off in search of the water’s native inhabitants. In selected ports, they'll also have a number of marina toys for you to jump in and play with. These include a foam floatation island, paddleboards, and snorkelling equipment.


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