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Expedition Cruises

A luxury expedition cruise is unlike any other form of travel, thrilling, awe-inspiring and humbling all at the same time. It is for the curious traveller who longs to see an orangutan in the wild or what lies behind the next mountain ridge.


Are you looking for a historian to take you through the history of Easter Island? Do you need help to capture the vivid spectrum of the Antarctic? Do you want to know more about the endemic wildlife of the Galapagos, but simply do not know where to start?


The good news is that our luxury expedition cruise partners have on board a team of extraordinary expedition leaders to assist you every step of the way. They have sourced the very best scholars that there are, infectiously enthusiastic men and women who are not only superbly qualified in the field, but who all share a passion for the subject.

From biologist, naturalists and anthropologists to geologists, historians and photographers, they will make these remote and fascinating parts of the world come to life so vividly that it is hard to comprehend. With very small numbers travelling on each zodiac, there really is no better way to get closer to the authentic beauty of the world. From sun-drenched islands in unpronounceable archipelagos to searching the Canadian Arctic for polar bears, the expedition leaders will plan and accompany select trips, in order to provide you with the most rewarding experience possible.


But it‘s not just about wildlife or mountains. It’s about immersing yourself in culture, landscape, and habitat of a region with the help of experts.

From the lush rain forests of the equatorial Pacific to the polar extremes at the very edge of the world, expedition ships sail to all seven continents. You can explore pelagic wonderlands, admire volcanic plateaus gushing with geysers, or enter the realm of the Polar Bear.

Our most popular expedition destinations include Africa & The Indian Ocean, Antarctica, The Arctic & Greenland, Australia & New Zealand, The Galapagos Islands, The Russian Far East, The South Pacific Islands and South America. But no matter where you go, you'll enjoy a uniquely immersive experience, expanding your global perspective and prompting you to re-evaluate what really matters. And rest assured- no creature comfort will be denied on a luxury expedition cruise. Luxury expedition cruising is also becoming so popular that purpose-built luxury expedition ships are now in service, as opposed to the previous generation of luxury expedition cruise ships which were often expedition ships that were upgraded to suit the luxury traveller.


Education, aspirational and most of all, inspirational; this is truly immersive luxury expedition travel at its finest. The Sovereign Cruise Club is a market leader luxury expedition cruises and our favourite ships include the Crystal Endeavour, the Seabourn Venture, the Scenic Eclipse and the Silver Origin. We have unrivalled expertise in matching the type of expedition cruise to the requirements of the individual traveller. From “Soft Adventure” to more rigorous exploits, we will find the perfect expedition cruise for you at the guaranteed best price.