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Australia & New Zealand Cruises

From the timeless and unparalleled architectural splendour of Sydney Opera house to the soaring majesty of Milford Sound and the fragile miracle that is the Great Barrier Reef, it is no wonder that Australia and New Zealand have recently become hotspots for luxury cruise travellers seeking a region of the globe that is physically very different, but somehow one that has a comfortably familiar culture.


Both of these vibrant and young countries share an intriguing combination of a British colonial period and a much more ancient indigenous heritage from the peoples that have occupied this islands for many centuries. These two cultures have now had an extra layer added to them, forged by the current outgoing and confident culture of both Australia and New Zealand as they increasingly play a more important role on the world stage.


Cosmopolitan cities and an incredible wide range of unique outstanding natural wonders make Australia a wonderful luxury cruise destination. As you have travelled all this way, please make sure that you explore Melbourne, Perth and charming Adelaide. Of course, the world famous Great Barrier Reef and Uluru are also a must, there is also Kakadu National Park in the Top End and Queensland‘s Daintree Rainforest to visit, not forgetting South Australia for unique encounters with Kangaroo Island’s wildlife.

Scenic Margaret River on the southwest coast is home to renowned wineries, and the ‘apple isle’ of Tasmania has become one of the country‘s biggest foodie destinations. Away from the urban hotspots, you will find miles of empty beach, tropical forest and soft rolling hills. And you haven’t even reached the Outback's vast parched landscapes and multicoloured mountains.


In New Zealand one can discover dramatic landscapes and Maori culture. It is about as far from the UK as it‘s possible to get. but New Zealand’s unique Maori heritage, charming cities, outdoor pursuits and world-class food are well worth the journey. On one of our luxury cruises to New Zealand you will find breath-taking mountain ranges, majestic fjords, ancient volcanoes, stunning beaches and picturesque seaside towns.

New Zealand also offers great contrasts - regardless as to if you are seeking a gentle stroll or a rush of adrenalin you‘ll find it here. With all this landscape to enjoy, it’s easy to forget the cities too. There‘s vibrant Auckland and heart-stealing Wellington, a blend of old and new and handy for the wine region nearby. Discover Christchurch’s British colonial architecture as well as bohemian Nelson, the sunniest place in the country. We love Napier‘s dreamy Art Deco architecture and the Maori culture hotspots of Rotorua with its geothermal hot pools and the Hawke’s Bay's vineyards.


Your Australia & New Zealand Luxury Cruise Options

Many of us are familiar with the charms of the major cities in this part of the world such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. However, today's luxury cruise travellers to this part of the world can visit ports off of the beaten track such as Hobart, Cairns, Morteton Island, Tauranga, Gisbourne, Matiatia Bay, Kaikoura, Picton and Milford Sound, to name a few.


The Australia and New Zealand cruise season generally commences in November and finishes in March. The two most popular embarkation ports are Sydney and Auckland and most cruises are of 14 to 16 nights in duration. First nations are often also visited as part of a world cruise sector and there is a growing interest in cruises which circumnavigate Australia. These are wonderful ways in which to appreciate the spectacular flora, fauna, wildlife and incredibly varied ecosystems of this huge country.

The luxury experts at The Sovereign Cruise Club look forward to helping you to plan your luxury cruise to this vibrant and exciting part of the world. So, what are you waiting for? The kangaroos and the koalas are waiting for you to hop over and say G'day!