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The Night-and-Day Difference. What makes Azamara cruises different from the rest? It‘s our focus on Destination Immersion® experiences, which lets you stay longer and experience more on every one of our voyages. This means you get to explore everything from nightlife in Stockholm and morning walks in the French Riviera to all-day adventures in Costa Rica’s rain forests. Because life isn't on a 9 to 5 schedule, and neither are Azamara voyages.

You‘ll also experience incredibly scenic waterways and prime docking locations—two great advantages of our boutique-style, award-winning ships. Here, you’ll find people who are genuinely friendly and happy to make you feel welcomed. And with a maximum of 702 guests, staff and crew can quickly learn your name, tastes, and preferences, too. Plus, you'll enjoy lots of inclusive amenities that will leave money in your wallet and put a smile on your face.

We're the voyage for those who love travel.

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Azamara invites you to uncover a world of destinations at a more relaxed pace, giving you time to appreciate the landscapes, culture, and people, by day and night. It's a richer, more immersive travel experience, where you can rediscover the joy of discovery. Book a journey with us and see the difference between travelled and well-travelled. Let us show you the world and Change The Way You Sea℠.


Azamara cruises amenities are anything but average. Little luxuries, specialised services, on board events, drinks and dining—everything you can imagine is within reach and included in your cruise fare.


We're in pursuit of perfected service, down to every last detail. Welcome to a world of warm-hearted hospitality tailored to you, that exudes the spirit of community and connection.

When you‘re in the midst of some of the most dazzling cities, renowned UNESCO World Heritage sites, and “I can’t believe we‘re here!” hidden gems on Earth, the last thing you want to do is rush back to the ship for a 4:00 p.m. departure (or 5:00 p.m., if you’re lucky).

Well, here at Azamara®, we not only take you to awe-inspiring destinations, we also give you more time to fall in love with them. We call them Destination Immersion® experiences, and we've evolved the concept so you can Explore Further than before, both onboard and on shore.

Our unparalleled destinations allow you to cruise global and immerse yourself in fascinating cultures all over the globe, all while enjoying authentic service on your boutique hotel at sea.


Azamara delivers more than any other cruise line. And since our intimate, club-like ships can fit in smaller ports bigger vessels can‘t visit, you’ll also experience destinations that aren't even on the map for other cruises. Discover unforgettable hidden gems and unexpected locales around the globe.


Azamara‘s redesigned ships deliver a contemporary yet comfortable atmosphere, and are staffed by a genuinely friendly and international crew who will take care of your every need. Combined with destination-themed programming onboard, it’s easy to get informed and be inspired by ports before you even step on shore.


With Azamara Shore Excursions, it‘s easier than ever to be immersed in the heart of local cultures all over the world in ways that other cruise lines can only dream of. Eat, explore, and live like a local, no matter where you go with independent, local tour operators. Don’t just visit the world's most stunning places - explore further and enjoy a fresh perspective at every port.