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At Hurtigruten they give you the opportunity to travel with meaning. Building on their explorer heritage dating back to 1893, their explorations are grounded in the likings of people who value learning and personal growth over luxury. They are world leaders in sustainable explorer travels in Polar Regions and offer unique experiences, and impart knowledge in a way that leaves the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Thier unique heritage, combined with highly skilled crews and a diverse fleet consisting of nimble, intimately-scaled expedition ships, enables us to offer you unique nature-based experiences at remote corners of the world.

Latest Hurtigruten Offers

10 Reasons to travel with Hurtigruten

From unique destinations to world-class food, here's why you should go on a cruise with Hurtigruten.

1. Discover amazing destinations: Explore untouched destinations off the beaten track. Hurtigruten take you to the wonders of the world from pole to pole.

2. Get close to nature and wildlife: Step into nature to fully experience the destinations, on walks, hikes, in boats or kayaks. They take you closer to wildlife than anyone else, with onboard experts who share their knowledge of the animal world.

3. Immerse yourself in local life: Get authentic experiences and engage with local culture. They don't just visit local communities, they give back and make it an important part of your cruise.

4. Landings unique to every cruise: They offer unique opportunities to explore the places you visit. Landings are adapted to the destination, and could involve small boat cruising or hikes, to name a few.

5. Hundreds of activities to choose from: For each voyage, they offer a unique selection of excursions. Some excursion are even included in expedition cruises.

6. Stunning panorama views: They always take the scenic route. Their ships are built to enjoy the view, whether you prefer it from the comfort of your cabin, in observation lounges or out on deck.


7. Gourmet onboard dining: The award-winning food on board is a journey in itself. They offer fresh, local produce and a wide selection of menus on all cruises - including vegan and vegetarian options.

8. Live extraordinary experiences: Make your dreams come true and experience the extraordinary - be it the northern lights, midnight sun or other natural wonders.


9. Sustainable cruising: Reduce your environmental impact and travel with the greenest cruise company in the world. Their focus on sustainability shows in everything they do, from no single use plastic and local food to Citizen Science and ship tech...

10. Gain knowledge with the Expedition Team: Learn more about each destination with their experts from the Expedition Team, who provide onboard lectures, guiding on deck and on land.


Hurtigruten's Destinations

Perhaps most famous for their Norwegian coast itineraries, they have brought travellers like you to the heart of Norway for 125 years. They are also using their maritime experience on their explorer cruises around the world.

The Norwegian Coast


Their cruises along the Norwegian coast rightly earn there place in the hall of fame of iconic traveller routes along with other classics like the Orient Express, Europe‘s Danube, and the revered Route 66. After all, it’s known as “The World's Most Beautiful Voyage” for a reason.

Experience Norway's beautiful fjords, charming ports, and rare wildlife under the Midnight Sun or spectacular Northern Lights. Thier daily departures take you on voyages where no other ships go. No matter the season, all cruises with Hurtigruten are thrilling adventures filled with amazing scenery and active experiences.

Expedition Cruises


Their history of exploring polar regions outside of Norway traces back to 1896, making them one of the most experienced travel companies in the world. Hurtigruten offers you breathtaking experiences of nature in remote corners of the world, offering voyages that appeal to those who value real exploring.

Get up close and personal with wildlife, culture and incredible scenery - from pole to pole. With their explorer voyages, they take you from the polar bears of Svalbard in the north to the penguins of Antarctica in the south with our fleet of advanced, intimately-scaled expeditions ships.

Whichever itinerary that appeals to you, the luxury cruise experts at The Sovereign Cruise Club are only a telephone call away and will be pleased to to book your luxury cruise for you at the guaranteed best fare. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of luxury cruising…