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Welcome to the Incomparable World of Cunard.

We love Cunard and we are proud to be one of their best and most experienced agents globally. Cunard has been at the heart of Sovereign since the start and for us Cunard is personal, as our Managing Director, Stefan Shillito, worked for Cunard for six years whilst the company built the Queen Mary 2 and he had the incredible experience of visiting her in the yard when she was under construction.

If you have just forty seconds to spare, we would recommending turning up the volume and enjoying this video that succinctly sums up the very essence of Cunard. We think it is one of the best cruise line videos ever produced, we sincerely hope that you will agree...

The Sovereign Cruise Club's View of Cunard.

Who better to ask about our view of Cunard, than Stefan? Stefan comments, “There is something very special about all Cunard ships - its like they have a soul that resonates with all rich heritage and history of a world famous luxury brand that has been around for more than 180 years. But it is more than that, travelling the globe on a Cunard liner just feels special and it is a forward looking brand that is busy defining British luxury ocean travel for the 21st Century”

Cunard's View of The Sovereign Cruise Club.

We are very pleased with this wonderful endorsement from Angus Struthers, Cunard Vice President UK Sales & Marketing; “All at The Sovereign Cruise Club have a fantastic knowledge of and passion for the Cunard brand and life aboard our ships and what makes a holiday on one of the Queens so special. It was therefore our delight to name The Sovereign Cruise Club the winners of Cunard‘s ’Outstanding Contribution' Award at the 2020 UK Cruise Awards.”

Explore the world in style with Cunard.

All of the team at Sovereign have cruised on Cunard, many of us on a number of occasions, so we can provide you with the most extensive insider knowledge of this iconic 180 year old brand (we are not keen on the current overuse of the term “Iconic”, but Cunard richly deserves this accolade) and is the last cruise line to operate an Ocean Liner - the majestic RMS Queen Mary 2.


It is a big world, even before you leave the ship. If this is the first time you have sailed with Cunard, prepare yourself for a unique treat. The first difference you may notice is the surprising amount of space on board: from broad open decks to beautiful atriums, you are equally sure to find yourself a peaceful place as a lively activity - you'll always find somewhere to suit the way you feel.

The Cunard Experience.

So much to do, so much time. Escape into an unrivalled world of freedom and possibility, with as much or little to do as you please. From glamorous occasions to inspiring moments of delight, discover how the pioneers of luxurious ocean travel continue to provide everything you wish for and more than you expect. Try fencing, learn to tango, listen to an astronaut, or perhaps just go with the flow and drink in the timeless atmosphere on board and enriching ports of call. Experience a voyage like no other, with more space than you imagine and special times you will never forget.

Feel Free with Cunard.

Escape into an unrivalled world of freedom and possibility, with as much or little to do as you please. From glamorous occasions to intimate moments of delight, discover how the pioneers of luxury ocean travel continue to offer more than you imagine.


Feel Inspired with Cunard.


Satisfy your yearning to explore with itinerary-rich journeys to iconic destinations around the world, and more possibilities on board than you have time to discover.

Latest Cunard Offers

Feel Special with Cunard Grills Suites.

Cunard Grills Suites offer you even more. A private sanctuary of space. Exclusive access to beautiful lounges and terraces. Because too much of a good thing is even better. Take the world's most luxurious ocean liner experience to the highest level with Cunard Grills: an enclave of indulgence and a sanctuary of private space and some of the most exquisite dining at sea and the height of White Star Service: your own butler. Imagine that.

White Star Service.

If you notice the service, it is not Cunard service. From the moment you step on board you will feel like royalty, served by some of the highest trained crew members at sea who always go above and beyond your expectations. Classic courtesies. Their world-famous White Star Service is noticeable in the warmth of a genuine smile that welcomes you, the immaculate white-gloved hand that serves you, and the anticipatory support that is always there to assist you. Discretion and perfection. To ensure your time on board is as effortlessly enjoyable as possible, Cunard believes in doing things the right way. Whatever you need, we delight in providing it. Their immaculate crew members maintain meticulous attention to detail and attend discretely to your every need. Setting the standards. Cunard's White Star Service is rooted in our long maritime heritage and recalls the golden age of travel, yet with a modern twist. A timeless tradition our staff continue to honour by treating you to the highest standards at sea today

Afternoon Tea as it should be with Cunard.


We love our British heritage, and so do Cunard guests. And what, after all, could be more British than afternoon tea? So British, in fact, that it was started by the 7th Duchess of Bedford in the 1840s to provide a break between luncheon and dinner. This is a tradition we observe each day at precisely 3.00pm, just as the Duchess would have wanted. Allow their white-gloved waiters to serve you the perfect tea in the Queen's Room, along with fresh scones with cream and exquisitely cut finger sandwiches. Just one of the many experiences, we hope you agree, that Cunard ensures are “just as they should be”.*

Cunard Insights.

Faces you will remember, stories you will never forget. Among the people you might spot on board are some familiar faces including famous writers, actors, filmmakers, explorers, scientists, politicians, historians, and even the occasional astronaut. Most likely this is because they have been invited to entertain and inform you as part of Cunard Insights, our regular series of fascinating talks on contemporary issues by well-known experts and personalities. You‘re invited to listen to the likes of Bill Bryson discussing his latest novel, Sally Gunnell OBE Powell sharing insights about her sporting achievements, or Sir Ranulph Fiennes (Stefan’s favourite on board speaker) retelling his heroic adventures, all of them recent Cunard guest speakers.

West End, Far East.


Wherever you are in the world, on Cunard you are always close to a West End quality show. You will find the Royal Court Theatres on each of their ships. And on Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, you can book one of the first ever private boxes at sea. Treat yourself, partner, family or friends to a wonderful night out in impressive surroundings. Choose from a repertoire that runs from light-hearted comedy to Shakespeare classics, and from spectacular musical productions to serious drama. If you find that their shows have given you the acting bug too, you can even request personal tuition from our RADA-trained actors.

The Future.

Never one to rest on its laurels, a new Cunarder Queen Anne, their 249th ship will join the fleet in May 2024. This opulent new edition can be previewed in the following video.

The very experienced team at Sovereign very much look forward to sharing their personal experiences with you of the many delightful Cunard cruises that we have thoroughly enjoyed. No one else has the level of Cunard knowledge that we built up over the last three decades and we promise you to find the perfect Cunard cruise for you and at the guaranteed best price. We look forward to assisting you with your Cunard luxury cruise plans - how exciting.

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