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Emerald River Cruises

With return flights, transfers, all on-board meals, complimentary drinks, tips and much more included in the price of an Emerald Cruises river cruise, we've taken care of everything. Our attentive team of crew, sommeliers and personal butlers are available day and night to ensure every minute on-board the Emerald Cruises fleet is as enriching, enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

Every Emerald Cruises river cruise benefits from the knowledgeable presence of one of our highly skilled Cruise Directors. These regional experts are always on hand to share their near-limitless repertoire, acting as on-board tour guide, storyteller, and problem-solver.

Helping you explore the authentic culture and history of the regions visited, every Emerald Cruises river cruise features at least one EmeraldPLUS excursion. These expert-led experiences take you to the places out of reach of the ordinary visitor, into the very heart of the destinations visited.

Every member of the Emerald Cruises fleet possesses unique characteristics and an extensive array of features and amenities
Skilfully designed to guarantee complete comfort and luxury as you navigate the rivers of Europe and Asia, and the coastlines of the Adriatic coast, Mediterranean, Red and Black Seas and the Indian Ocean, our fleet of Star-Ships and superyachts are all blessed with comfortable, spacious public spaces and stylish private suites and staterooms. Welcoming you to the future of small ship river cruising and intimate yacht cruising, our stylish fleet boast a wealth of amenities.

Your own private haven

Your comfort is our priority, which is why our Star-Ships and superyachts boast some of most stylish suites and staterooms available on Europe and Southeast Asia rivers, and the world's most beautiful coastlines. When you sail with Emerald Cruises, you can expect a wealth of first-class amenities and comforts, including an en-suite bathroom, hotel-style bed, flat screen TV and complimentary Wi-Fi. With a wide range of suites and staterooms available, we certainly have a cabin that is perfect for you.

Spectacular Surroundings

The Emerald Cruises fleet have been built with supreme luxury and relaxation in mind and our amenities reflect this. No matter how you choose to spend your days - whether its relaxing on the Sun Deck soaking in the sights of the passing rivers and enjoying the indoor heated pool of our Star-Ships, or taking a dip in the infinity-style pool and enjoying your favourite cocktail in the Sky Bar on board our superyachts, you can be certain that when you travel with Emerald Cruises, you're experiencing the very best that cruising has to offer.

Culinary Adventures

Each member of our fleet offers a tantalising selection of dining options for guests to enjoy, including al-fresco light bites with breathtaking views and decadent five-course à la carte dining experiences each evening in Reflections Restaurant. As well as offering complimentary beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner, each day our sommelier carefully selects the very best local wines from local and regional vineyards for our guests to enjoy.

To help you decide which member of the Emerald Cruises fleet best appeals to your tastes, lifestyle, and sense of fun, we‘re providing you the chance to explore our Star-Ships and luxury superyachts before booking. We’ll take an in-depth look at all the features, flourishes and amenities provided by our award-winning fleet. Our dedication to ensuring you identify the perfect Emerald Cruises itinerary and experience starts here.

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