Scenic Tours & National Geographic Team Up!

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Scenic Tours have announced a new partnership with National Geographic as they look to provide guests with the ultimate combination of a river cruise experience with a theme of conservation and exploration.

The National Geographic River Cruises will feature the 5-star all-inclusive luxury experience that guests enjoy on Scenic’s river cruises. Guests will have the opportunity to sail on one of Scenic’s state-of-the-art “space-ships”, which have been given this name due to having some of the largest suites on the rivers and a staff to guest ratio of 1:3.

The partnership between these two popular brands signifies a big change in Scenic’s enrichment classes. There will be a National Geographic expert on each of these special voyages and they will conduct a variety of in-depth talks and educational presentations onboard the ships. Additionally, there will be a National Geographic photographer that will sail on the European voyages, allowing guests to learn new photography techniques and develop their skills at taking the perfect photo.

There will also be new excursions available during these special voyages, including hikes, cycling tours, and excursions that will teach guests on the natural world. There is the opportunity for guests to develop their knowledge on the culture and history of the ports of call that they visit.

Many European voyages will feature the National Geographic Expeditions experience, whether it is cruises on the Rhine, Danube, Moselle and Main Rivers. Not only this, but selected voyages in France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and Myanmar will also host the experience.

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