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About Us

The Sovereign Cruise Club was founded in 1998 with a simple objective: To provide only the finest voyages, at the best prices with exceptional customer service. We have remained true to these principles over the years and this has resulted in our current position as the UK market leader in the provision of luxury voyages.

We feel that “luxury” is a well worn and in many cases inappropriate word used by many cruise lines today. Mediocre service and cuisine or dull ports of call have no place on a luxury voyage and hence these ships will never be featured in our portfolio. Hence, we only sell ten out of the thirty plus cruise lines that operate today.

Knowledge is key. Between our small team we have over 80 years experience in the luxury cruise arena and we have undertaken over 400 voyages during this time. We would never sell a cruise line without experiencing it first and we would never advise you to travel on a voyage that we thought would not exceed your expectations.

We also have an ethical approach to how we sell our voyages. If we think it is perhaps not the best time to book your selected voyage, we will tell you before you book. As a result of this and our warm customer service, many of our passengers are now personal friends and we probably have the highest personal referral rates in the business.

When contacting Sovereign you will no doubt be relieved to know that we offer good old fashioned customer service. Therefore, we have no automated system answering our calls and no dreary hold music. All of our telephone calls are answered promptly by happy, caring individuals, who will treat your cruise plans as though they are their own. Furthermore, when you do reserve your voyage with us, you will be looked after by that same team member from your first contact with us all the way through to our post cruise aftercare service.

So why not call us today? We would love to have the privilege of taking care of your luxury cruise plans and for you to become part of the Sovereign family.

The Sovereign Cruise Club - The Thrill of the Exceptional